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If you have a motion control problem, turn to compumotor. We offer a comprehensive line - up of product technologies, plus wo provide the technical support to ensure timely, expect assistance in product selection, installation, programming, and trouble shooting. We Pan - Co are one of the compomtor's ATC(automation technology center) solutions to your motion control problems.
Servo system Type Step motor system Type
Ac servo Driver 50w - 11Hp Full/half stepper 200/400step
Servo controller PC base & standalone High resolution stepper 200 ~ 50800 step
N/A 1 - 4 axes ZETA series High per forename stepper
Direct drive servo High torque motor N/A N/A
Motor 41kgf - cm - 5100kgf - cm N/A N/A
  • Servo system - we offers a wide range of digital and analog servo drives for all your motion needs.
  • Step motor system - we offers a complete range of products, from full step and micro stepping system packaged, single and multi - axis drive / indexer systems. .