PC - Based Open Controller

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PC-Based open controller embeds the functionality of PLC and the power of PC in one box. It is not only suitable for control, but it is also a star performer in data processing.
  • PLC programming is based on IEC 1131-3 standard which may freely mix sequential Function Chart, Ladder Logic, and Function Block Diagram to define automation and control procedure.
  • With User Defined Function Block (USFBS), users can develop the program in C language and may seamless integrate the PC resource to add virtually any functionality required for an application.
  • CPU: 3 type of CPU: S10, S20, S30
    • execution speed up to 0.25ms/contact instruction
    • mass program memory, up to 24K words memory for user's ladder program
    • concise Ladder instructions with powerful function
    • floating point operation capability
    • built in economical "PLC-Link", multiple CPU link no need any other hardware
  • I/O Module: Industrial I/O, plug and play, easy to install
    • input: AC 110V/220V 16 point, DC 12V/24V 16/32 point input modules
    • output: AC 12 point, DC 16 point, relay 16 point, TTL 32 point output modules
  • Special Purpose I/O Module: Versatile Functionality
    • analog input, analog output, temperature sensing, high-speed counter, computer communication, distributed I/O modules are provided
  • Power Supply Module: Wide operating range 85~260Vac
    • suitable for 110/220V system, no switching required
  • Backplane: Passive backplane
    • 4-, 6-, 8- I/O slots are available
  • Fled display:
    • I/O status and module working status indicators

Main Products

PC-based controller, Programmable logic controller, Injection molding machine controller, 1/2/3 axis servo driver.