The Carriage Works, Inc.
Carriage works has been committed to excellence in design, manufacturing and after-sales service since 1973. Our success is measured in satisfying customer needs. We are proud of the ongoing family tradition and team effort within the company. The entire team is committed to provide whatever it takes to build a better merchandising or food service system for you, the customer. Custom designs range from 1890's horse-drawn popcorn wagon replicas, to he very newest of contemporary styles and colors. Our design department will create a cart or kiosk to compliment any theme or decor. Once the design is decide upon, The Carriage Works state-of-art 35,000 square foot manufacturing plant takes over. Each cart is hand-crafted, almost a lost art in today's business world. This assures the purchaser a quality product that is built to give many years of service. We sell to Amusement Parks,Casinos,Convention centers, Malls and Brand name companier.
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    • ODM manufacturer
    • Espresso carts, Kiosks, Display Carts, Theme type food carts, Bevrage Carts, Christmas Sleighs,