Water-Based Molybdenum Disulfide Solid Film Lubricant

Product ID: GLEITMO 935

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Gleitmo 935 is a water based, air-drying solid film lubricant.
Its lubricating component is an acting combination of solid lubricants with molybdenum disulfide.
After curing, gleitmo 935 produces an even, tacky, mineral oil-resistant dry lubricating film, which additionally provides corrosion prevention.
Gleitmo 935 is especially designed for thread cutting caps at oxygen cylinders, sliding and guiding rails, adjusting parts and screws in the presence of oxygen.
  • Forms a dry, firmly adhering, anti-corrosive lubricating film.
  • Is resistant to high loads over a wide temperature range.
  • Produces a low, constant friction.
  • Enables long service life.
  • Provides a simple and economic application.
  • Sample purchase available.

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