White Solid Film Lubricant

Product ID: GLEITMO 605

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Gleitmo 605 is a colloidal suspension of gleitmo white solid film lubricant in water.
The dry lubricating film remaining upon application shows a color-less shinny and very good adhesion on the different surface types.
Gleitmo 605 is used for lubrication of threaded screws, nuts, chipboard screws, etc. generally all screws for electrical industry, cup nuts for cutting ring joints.
  • Meets the requirements of the automotive industry (VDA) for screw lubricant.
  • Saves on assembly time and is particularly well-suited for automatic screw-driving system.
  • Has very good surface adhesion on all materials.
  • Will not affect the efficiency of screw locking systems.
  • Is non-hazardous as defined by the drinking water regulations.
  • Sample purchase available.

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