Anti - Pollution Lunch Box & Food Container

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Anti-pollution bamboo food container is the latest contribution from our company to supersede the plastic container which caused the serious "white pollution" to our environment. It is made of natural bamboo resource, through special technical treatments, it still keeps natural fragrance, non-bacteria, can be used as lunch box, fastfood box western-type dish, fruit dish, fresh & frozen food box in supermarket. It is a very perfect packing material.
  • 210 x 140 x 25mm: USD0.07 (1pcs)
  • 210 x 160 x 25mm: USD0.07 (1pcs)
  • 210 x 190 x 25mm: USD0.08 (1pcs)
  • 210 x 180 x 25mm: USD0.08 (1pcs)
  • Natural bamboo fragrance.
  • Non-poison non-bacteria.
  • Anti-pollution, hygiene.
  • It can be self-destruction.

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