The Closed Type Impelleers With Very Thin (1mm To 10mm) Blade And With Diameter (About 600mm) (CF - 3M Stainless Steel Casting)

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At TCA we make tailored to your specific requirement for size, shape, and nominal chemical castings, composition of Nickel base, Iron-Nickel base and Cobalt base alloys. As the owner of a machinery supplying plant, you might have difficulty overcoming the bottleneck in your manufacturing techniques. We can offer you professional and technical advice on the choice and improvement of alloy materials. Equipment and parts ordered by the customers are cast by either investment casting (lost wax process) or sand casting to ensure permissible tolerance in structural dimension. Because of our sophisticated manufacturing facilities and technology, we
can deliver to you the finished products in a short time and at a most competitive price. more over, we can provide the best service to reduce your production cost by designing your equipment or improving your alloy materials.

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