Suncue High - Quality Grain Dryer

Product ID: NEW PRO-60-100

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The most advanced technology. High tech product. Exported to Japan and many other countries as well particularly, used to dry SISI rice and small-bag rice. Good for drying: paddy, wheat, sorghum, soybeans, green-beans, corn.
  • Capacity (paddy): 2500-9700kgs
  • Machine Dimension:
    • Overall Height (mm): 7114
    • Overall Length (mm): 3270
    • Overall Width (mm): 1941
  • Burner:
    • Model: Gun-type, bi-nozzle, proportionate two air-flow gates
    • Ignition Type: Hi-pressure automatic ignition
    • Combustion: Max. combustion 9 line / hour
  • Fuel: Kerosene or premium diesel
  • Electric Power: 3 phase, 220V / 380V / 440V
  • Horse Power: 5 1/12HP
  • Function:
    • Loading: 50min. (approx.)
    • Unloading: 66min. (approx.)
    • Drying Rate: 0.6-1.0% hour
  • Safety Devices: Thermo-over relay, air-pressure switch, full load buzzer, timer, abnormal combustion sensor, control fuse.
  • High Tech Products For Best Quality Rice: With the least broken rice and the fastest drying speed will minimize cost.
  • Fast Loading And Unload Process: Elevator of new pro type can move grain with 13tons /hour. Elevator of pro type can move grain with 25tons / hour.
  • Tough Structure For Long-Time Operation: The products are designed for professional use and are applied for long-time operation.
  • Simple Operation Easy To Use: One touch operating button, and fully - automatic multiple monitoring system provides highest safety.
  • Air Blower With External Motor: Low noise, large air volume, low heat. The dried grain is cool, and top quality rice is realized.
  • High Performance Of Burner: Adopting bi - nozzle, two proportionate air-flow gates of burner with complete combustion to achieve the most efficient, carbon free, odorless burning and fuel saving.
  • Ideal Uniform Spreader: Forced uniform multi-loading valves make the most evenly spread of grain and prevent unevenly dried grain.
  • Computerized Moisture Meter Control: Computerized automatic moisture meter control assure the quality of dried grain. Our electronics dept. is active for service and maintenance.

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