Optical Modem

Product ID: ROS-232C

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Item \ Model No. D type, 25pin female or male D type, 25pin female or male
Connector D type, 25 pin female or male D type, 25 pin female or male
Light source LED LED
Wavelength 1310 +/- 20nm 850 +/- 20nm
Signal format EIA RS-232C STD.& CCITT V.24V.28 EIA RS-232C STD.& CCITT V.24V.28
Communication mode Asynchronous Asynchronous
Fiber optical type Multi-mode Multi-mode
Fiber port FC/ST(option) ST/SMA(option)
Distance 10Km or more than 10Km 2Km or more than 2Km
Optical power budget 16dB 16dB
Transmission mode Full duplex, bi-directional transmission Full duplex, bi-directional transmission
Bit error rate 10^-9 10^-9
Transmission rate DC-57,600BPS DC-57,600BPS
Size L x W x D 104 x 125 x 46mm 73 x 44 x 16mm
Weight 450g 70g
Operating environment 20~95%(non-condensing), 0~50 Celsius 20~95%(non-condensing), 0~50 Celsius
Storage environment 95% or less (non-condensing), -20~80 Celsius 95% or less (non-condensing), -20~80 Celsius
Extra power supply DC24~48V No external power request
  • Suitable for 50/120Mu M, 62.5/125Mu M, 100/140Mu M optical fiber. (Single-mode fiber on request)
  • The optical power budget is measured by 62.5/125Mu M optical fiber
  • The transmission rate is 115.200BPS, when PIN2, PIN4 and PIN20 CONNECTED to the device
  • Super compact and direct plug and use
  • No external power supply requirement
  • High speed transmission rate up to 115,200 BPS
  • Transmission distance exceeds 10 Km by multi-mode optical fiber with no repeater required
  • Full duplex, bi-directional transmission mode
  • To avoid struck by lightning and EMI/RFI interference
  • To prevent damage from electrostatic discharge
  • Stable and error free data transmission
  • The best data security protection

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