Aluminum Folding Ladder With Flared Legs

Product ID: 628-F, 640-F

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This 4-section folding ladder is made of high-tension aluminum and is equipped with 3 pairs of safety auto-latching hinge systems. The ladder is built with box-type side rails and extra large serrated rungs and flared legs on both sides. This ladder can be used in various configurations such as a stepladder, straight ladder, scaffold, stand-off ladder etc. Just flip the locking-lever on each hinge and straighten or fold it into the position needed for the task at hand. It can even be used as a platform on uneven surfaces, such as stairs, low walls or ledges. This ladder is approved by TUV according to European standard EN 131.
Model No. Rungs A B C kg
628-F 8 182cm 135cm 280cm 11.2kg
640-F 12 110cm 190cm 400cm 13.4kg
  • Built to TUV/GS EN 131 approved.
  • With high-tension aluminum and box-type side rails and extra large (32mm) serrated rungs.
  • Prompt and puncture delivery.
  • Quality guarantee and at manufacturer's price.

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