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Duke International Cards & Games Co., Ltd.   

Duke International Cards & Games Co., Ltd.is professional in products such as: Playing Cards, Jigsaw Puzzle, Board Game, Domino, Dice, Poker Chips, Leatherette Game Set, Tabletop Plastic Game Collecti ...

Main Products : Deluxe Inlaid Chess Sets, Wooden Games, Deluxe Revolving Oaks, 7 In 1 Combination Wooden Game Sets, Poker Chips... More


Main Products : ... More

Dalian Huaying Yada Wood Co., Ltd   

DaLian HuaYing YaDa Wood Co., Ltd. is the main export window set up in DaLian, in the Northeast forest Zone, which contributes a lot to the earning of foreign exchange through exporting forest resourc ...

Main Products : Wooden chopsticks, ice cream sticks, toothpicks, wooden spoons, wooden skewers, wooden forks, tongue depressors, cervical scrapers, applicators... More

China National Aero-Technology I & E Co. Zhuhai Company   

We are one of the leading foreign trade companies in Zhuhai City with an I & E value of over US$ 3,750,000 each year.

Main Products : Toy, tableware, alarm system, kitchenware and etc..... More
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