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Peak Tech Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.   

Company HistoryPeak Tech Metal Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 1983, Pinnacle Metal (Nanjing) Ind. Co., Ltd. is since 1997 in Nanjing, China. As a result of having maintained its business integrity ...

Main Products : Tungsten carbide tips, cutting tools, dies, strips, saw tips, standard tips, cutter tips, router bits, carbide for EDM purposes, drills, drawing dies... More


Main Products : ... More

Shijiazhuang Metallurgy Machine Factory   

The factory specializes in valves. It has more than 90 kinds, 100 series and more than 1,000 specifications productions. The use of its production is widely used in miner, chemistry, etc. It can also ...

Main Products : Dispensing Valve for Coal Gas, Balance Valve, Valve for Flue... More

Hebei Machinery & Equipment Imp. & Exp. Corp.   

Hebei Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation, (CMEC HEBEI.), was set up in 1978, as a trading corporation that vertically integrates technology, industry and trade. We have established trad ...

Main Products : machine and equipment, check valve, ball valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, gears and gear boxes, golden CD-R, surgical glove, disposable syringe... More

C & F Enterprise Ltd.   

We'd like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and exporter specializing in all kinds of garment/shoe accessories, including 100% spun polyester / cotton sewing thread, nylon thread / fishing twin ...

Main Products : all kinds of garment / shoe accessories, plastic / stainless steel kitchen tools, cutlery sets, house hold products... More
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