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Die Thread Precision Company   

Die Thread Precision Company set up in 1995, July. Our owner, Mr. Cheng, supervises each production of circular thread rollers with his cautious attitude for more than twenty years. We use special all ...

Main Products : Cylindrical in-Feed Thread Rolling Dies, Annular Thru-Feed Thread Rolling Dies, Circular Thread Roller, Knurld Gear Taps... More

wenling second general machinery works   

Founded in the 1990s,after decades'development,we have become one of the largest manufactures specialising in the production for standard and non-standard gears,sprockets,racks,couplings,pulleys,timin ...

Main Products : standard and non-standard gears, sprockets, racks, couplings, pulleys... More

YangMing Hardware Machinery Manufacturing Co.,ltd   

YangMing Hardware Machinery Manufacturing Co.,ltd (YMHM) started back in 1996 as an independent factory located in Cixi, Zhejiang, China. Over the last eleven years, we have grown to be a major profes ...

Main Products : fasteners. pulley and hardware... More

Utkur Industries   

We are a SSI company backed by experience of 18 years to manufacture ans supply the jobs as per customer requirement at reasonable prices. We are specialised in All kind of Pulleys. Because of optimum ...

Main Products : pulleys... More

Loong United Power Transmission Parts Co., Ltd   

We are China manufacturer, mainly produce v-belt pulleys,taper bush,coupling,adjustable pulley in our power transmission parts factory, quality is excellent and cheap price, I've looked at your websit ...

Main Products : pulley taper bush coupling... More

Shanghai A.P. Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd.   

Shanghai A.P. Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2001. We expert in electronical components, hydraulic products, pneumatic components, automatic equipment and so on. Main handle import and e ...

Main Products : Inelta, Mahle, Hydac, Coax..... More

Chengdu Leno Machinery Co., Ltd   

Chengdu Leno Machinery CO., Ltd is an enterprise providing Manufacturing, Sales, and Service of Mechanical Power Transmission Parts. Whose products are widely applied in Machinery Industries including ...

Main Products : Shaft coupling, keyless shaft locking, v pulley, timing pulley... More

flexitech industries   

Dear Sir,FLEXITECH Industries is one of the prominent names engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of high quality couplings such as Flexible Gear Coupling, Pin Bush Coupling, Muff Coupling, Nylon ...

Main Products : geared coupling... More

shijiazhuang CAPT power transmission mechanical ltd,.co   

CAPT is specialized in manufacturing of various transmission parts, such as standard chain wheels, taper lock bushings, pulleys and non-standard chain wheels. All the sprockets are for exportation. Th ...

Main Products : ... More

shengzhou hengli industrial belt co., ltd   

Shengzhou Hengli industrial belt co. Ltd, established in 2003. Along with the rapid development of Chinese industries, the market of industrial belt is constantly expanding. Our company specializing i ...

Main Products : rubber belt pu opeb end belt timing belt... More
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