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quanzhou wellken arts&crafts co.,ltd   

We are a special manufacturer of poly-resin arts & crafts. With its novel designs and fine workmanship, the company is your ideal supplier of poly-resin crafts. Our main products are Fountain, Figurin ...

Main Products : polyresin clock, photo frame, fountain... More

Shanghai Siduo Industrial Ltd   

we are photo frame & photo album supplier in Shenzhen China.The meterial of frames are available in brass steel al PVC leather wood and wood with metal combination & plastic too.Customer design with a ...

Main Products : photo frame photo album... More


RE: Welcome to visit our Web-Site:"www.dfgifts.com" to select our GiftsItems you are interested in at first. We are a manufacturer of Gifts in CHINAThen I will E-mail the Quotation Sheet as soon as I ...

Main Products : Crafts And Gifts made by Polyresin, Terra Cotta, Ceramic, Metal... More

Everbright Frames Manufacturing Co. Ltd   

Ever Bright Frames Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Dear Sir/Madam,Ever Bright Frames Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are one of the leading exporter and manufacturer of picture frames in the Mainland China. We are sp ...

Main Products : photo frame... More

Green Arts and Crafts Factory   

We are a manufacturer and exporter specialized in making all kinds of polyresin/resin gifts and handicrafts.With many years of efforts, our company has become a large-scale polyresin producer and keep ...

Main Products : Garden light, the lamp of optical cable, relief series... More

kingyan gifts&crafts co,.ltd   

We are a special manufacturer and exporter of polyresin arts & crafts. We have our own creation designers, any kinds of polyresin products we can manufacture, also welcome any customers' own designs(o ...

Main Products : poly resin products, wooden products... More

Taiwell Enterrise Inc.   

We commit to render full satisfactory service to our customers, and continuously developing new products and designs.

Main Products : gift, photo frame, toy, X'MAS items... More

Palmerex Associates Corporation   

Palmerex established in 1997, it's young but professional in photo frame and candle holder category. Our members are creative and all possess sufficient knowledge and experience to merchandise. Most o ...

Main Products : photo frame ( variety material )... More

Shenzhen YHD Industrial Co., Ltd   

Located at Shenzhen, Shenzhen YHD Industrial Co., Ltd. has two manufacturing plants with complete equipments. Establish in 2004, our company is integrated with design, R&D, production, and sales. We c ...

Main Products : Resin Crafts, Photo Frame, Mirror Frame, Picture Frame... More

zhejiang yongkang tianyi wedding arts co.. ltd.   

Our company named zhejiang yongkang tianyi wedding arts co.. ltd. is one of the leading maker and exporter of the line of wine accessory and wedding accessory, such as wine stopper and bottle stopper, ...

Main Products : wine stopper, bottle stopper, wine corkscrew, ring pillow... More
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