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Main Products : ... More


Main Products : ... More

Jachen Technology Co., Ltd.   

Suitable for industries below : plastic recycling industry, rubber recycling industry, IC tray recycling industry, electronic product recycling industry, chemical industry, medical industry, cosmetics ...

Main Products : plastic granulators, grinders, grinding machines, crushing machines, crushers, shredders, shredding machines, pulverizers, mixing machines, mixers... More

Sotek Technology Co., Ltd.   

Sotek Technology Co., Ltd., a company endeavors to be perfect on quality, service, competition, and responsibility, (established in 1989), now managed by Mr. Sunny Liu.Mr. Liu believes quality is the ...

Main Products : Die Casting Parts, Investment Casting Parts, Injection Mold and Parts, Sand Casting Parts, CNC Machining Parts, Stamping Part... More


Main Products : ... More

Asia Link Int'l Tech. Corp.   

AsiaLink provides high quality professional consulting with design capability. This company was established by a group of senior experienced engineers who had long working experience in the companies ...

Main Products : molding, stamping parts, stamping Die, Die Casting, latch CNC machine parts, mold making, plastic injection molding, mold maker, metal stamping die... More
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