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Tube Tech China   

We are a Shanghai Company specializing in developing and manufacturing machinery equipment like Sealing and Filling Machines, Laminate Tube Making Machines, Plastic Injection Molding Equipment, Sealin ...

Main Products : ABL and PBL Laminate Tube Making Machines... More

TechAdhesion Systems Ltd.   

TechAdhesion® (TA) ---- is the leader of hot melt adhesive application systems in Asia-Pacific. We develop and build hot melt adhesive equipment and coating machinery with a wide range of professiona ...

Main Products : hot melt machine/equipment, hose, head/gun/applicator... More

Strong Ultrasonic Machinery CO.,LTD   

Our Products:1. STP series multifunction at ultrasonic plastic weld.2. Ultrasonic Welding Machine imported from Switzerland.3. Export of turnkey plant for manufacturing plastic disposable lighters.4. ...

Main Products : Ultrasonic Plastics Welding Machine, Ultrasonic Metal Welder, PE Tube & Lamination Tube Auto FILLING & Sealing Machine... More
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