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HCI Converting Equipment Co., Ltd.   

HCI Converting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialist in the design and manufacture of a full range of Converting Equipment and Slitter Rewinder machinery for Flexible Package and Semi-Conductor, TFT-LCD ...

Main Products : Slitting Machine, Slitter Rewinder, Rewinding machine, Laminating Machine, Bag Making Machine, Pouch Making Machine, Shrink Sleeve Making Machine... More

Hangzhou Yongheng Textile Mechanical Co., Ltd   

Hangzhou Yongheng Textile Mechanical Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1990, named as Jingjiang Textile Mechanical Factory. It is located in the Jingjiang Industrial Zone, Xiaoshan District Hangzhou Chin ...

Main Products : textile machiney winder twister covering machine... More

SP Ultraflex Systems (P) Ltd.   

SP Ultraflex specialises in the manufacture of Duplex Slitter rewinders and Slitting rewinding machines used extensively in the Flexible packaging and Converting industry to convert Paper, Plastic fil ...

Main Products : Slitter Rewinder machine, Web Inspection Rewinder... More

he bei lv joe machinery co., ltd   

HEBEI LVJOE MACHINERY MANUFACTURER CO., LTD was established in 1998, professional in designing and manufacturing all kinds of industrial equipments. Nail making machine, wire drawing machine, slitting ...

Main Products : nail making machine, wire drawing machine... More

China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co.   

China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Manufacturer Co.All the PVD metallizers look similar but those made by China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Manufacturer Co. are surely different and unique.Based on 40 years ...

Main Products : vacuum metallizer... More

Hung Fung International Ltd.   

Nanjing Xiongfeng Petrochemical Machine Fittings Plant , lying on the north bank of Yangtze River , is located in Nanjing, which is a picturesque stone city known as the ancient capital of six dynasti ...

Main Products : gasket machine... More

Suzhou Keber Precision Machinery Co. ,Ltd   

Suzhou Keber Precision Machinery Co., Ltd (Keber Ultrasonic) is a professional manufacturer which specializes in manufacturing, developing and selling ultrasonic plastic welder, plastic welding machin ...

Main Products : ultrasonic plastic welder, hot plate welder, spin welder... More

Jin Bih Hwang Enterprise Co., Ltd   

Jin Bih Hwang Enterprise Co., Ltd established in 1995, with15 years experiences in manufacturing coil winding machines.Our company extremely focus on quality assurance & controlfrom business start. We ...

Main Products : coil winding machine... More

Elsa srl   

Elsa s.r.l. has been producing and selling for more than 15 years portable machine tools all over the world. ELSA’s machine tools make in-line boring, internal and external overlay welding, facing, ...


Changzhou JIaxin Winding Equipment Co.,ltd.   

We have been experienced in winder business for many years and we can make anywinders as customer's requorments.We can supply parallel winder, tear tape winder, high speed winder, progressive winder,s ...

Main Products : winder, winding machine, winders, parallel winder... More
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