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Victor Jewellery Net Shop   

We are the ring manufacture merchant, the service project have manufacture the ring the template and the ring gold proportion and so on, also may coordinate the company demand manufacture ring, is fir ...

Main Products : Ring template... More

Harvest metal item co. ltd   

We are manufacturer of metal items, like charms, earring, necklace and all kinds of metal items for jewelry and handbag, as well as metal craft and martial art articles.

Main Products : metal charms and metal craft... More

Shanghai Daming Zhiyue Welding Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.   

Shanghai Daming Zhiyue Welding Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is located in Shanghai City, China and specializes in manufacturing and exporting Chain Manufacturing Machines (such as automatic chain be ...

Main Products : Welding Machine... More

Zhejiang Ideal-bell Technology Co.,Ltd.   

Ideal-bell originated in 2007 as a professional manufacturer of pneumatic components. While much of our attention focuses on product quality, cost control remains constant. We own and operating IDEAL ...

Main Products : Brass Fittings... More

Magicharming Co.,Ltd.   

Magicharming Co.,Ltd.is Chinese global on-line stock shop for beads and jewelry making supplies,offering widest selection of beads andjewelry accessories in incredible price, reliable quality and newe ...

Main Products : Beads... More

Shenzhen Ultrasonic Equipment Co.,Ltd   

The Shenzhen Verygood Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, invested and established by GT international (HongKong)group Co.,Ltd ,specialized production of mini ultrasonic cleaner.Our company collection of ...

Main Products : household ultrasonic cleaner... More

Teda Art and Crafts Co., Ltd.   

Our company produce wooden pendant, and offer laser engraving and cutting. We own the best equipment and excellent designer and technician. Because of the years work, we have had a lot of expereince. ...

Main Products : cut outs, engrave crafts... More


Shenzhen Tianyu Silicone Rubber Products Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing,R&D, marketing, sales and service of various silicone rubber products. Specifically, the main products include vario ...

Main Products : silicone rubber band, silicone bracelet... More

sundry wholesale co.,ltd.   

Sundry-Wholesale is a Wholesale and Distribution supplier. We are proud to offer you a wide range of arts&crafts products; we are with reasonable commercial sense and consistency for well controlling ...

Main Products : artificial flower... More

Sew Winner Co., Ltd   

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves by a brief, we are the company in Taiwan, we have a lot of cooperators in Taiwan and China, our major lines are Craft-material and Hardwar ...

Main Products : crafts materials... More
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