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Sallas Industrial Co., Ltd.   

SallaS Industrial Co., Ltd.-was well established in 1987, acts as a sales agent of Mitsubishi Plastic Inc./Japan in Taiwan. With plenty of experiences in the fields of plastic and PVC/Steel laminated ...

Main Products : LCD monitor arm, keyboard arm, keyboard drawer, telephone stand, CPU holder, ergonomic key-in products, copy holder... More

YTS Technology Co., Ltd./YTS NANO Technology   

A Taiwan based aluminum manufacturerYTS Technology was founded in 1975. Originally based in Taiwan, we have recently established a second plant in China, (YTS NANO Technology Co., Ltd.) Kunshan Huayan ...

Main Products : Heatsink, Heatsink With Clip, Heat Sink, DC-DC Converter application, CPU Cooler, CPU Heat Sink, Enclosure, Mini case, TV Frame, LED Heatsink... More

Hewe Industrial Co., Ltd. / Ocer Industrial Co., Ltd.   

Our company is the leader of Health-care appliances manufacturer in Taiwan, especially expert in Far infrared Health-care products and Ionizer products.We always do our best to create the innovalue on ...

Main Products : Heater... More


Main Products : ... More


CHUN TAI Electric with a factory in Shenzhen, China is a professional Taiwan manufacturer in Home Appliances. Our brand name, RJE, is famous in several markets. Our product range covers Immersion Wate ...

Main Products : Immersion Water Heater, Emergency Lights, BBQ Charcoal Lighters... More

Jiyun Technologies Inc.   

Our company is a manufacturer and saler of professional computer furniture which is ISO 9002 certified. Our products have markets in the UK, the U.S.A., Germany, France, Russia, etc. From Aug.1, becau ...

Main Products : computer furniture... More

Corten Furniture Private Limited   

Corten Furniture: A name that stands out for design & quality. We are proud to present our fine collection of office & bedroom furniture.Each design is carefully selected for aesthetic as well as prac ...

Main Products : office desking & bedroom furniture... More
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