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china liuyang firedragon fireworks co.,ltd   

I am glad to introduce us to you as a fireworks manufacturer and exporter.We export more than 800,000 cartons every year.Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be ...

Main Products : fireworks, display, firecrackers, birthday fireworks, toy fireworks... More

Zhongshan Fuli Lighting Co.,Ltd.   

Zhoushan Fuli Lighting Factory.Which specializes in Poly/Rosin lamp,fruit dish,candleholder,pendant lamp,wall lamp,table lamp and other poly artwork with warranty quality.Most of our products are with ...

Main Products : Poly lamp and artworks and iron light.... More

J.R.J. Electronic Co., Ltd.   

We are a manufacturer and an exporter with more than 15 years' experience. All our products have patent rights in Taiwan, and the USA, with patents pending in Germany & Japan. We alsa welcome customer ...

Main Products : electronic giftware... More


we are manufacturer of wax candles,tealight candles,sealing wax,gel wax,wax rings,wax rode,paraffin wax,micro wax,incense sticksbrand name silverlight candleselephant brand sealing wax

Main Products : candles, tealight candles, sealing wax, wax rings, wax rode, paraffin wax... More

Ningbo Dayuan Arts And Crafts Co.,Ltd   

We produce all kinds of candles. For example led candles, flower candles, christmas candles, floating candles, festival candles etc.

Main Products : ... More
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