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Wandy Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. & sister company T.Y Sherry International Co., Ltd. were founded in 1987 and 1995 respectively. Through stringent manufacturing improvements and rigorous quality cont ...

Main Products : TENS/EMS Electrodes & Accessories, Grounding Pad & Cable... More

Shining World Health Care Co., Ltd.   

Shining World Health Care Co. Ltd.started as a small, private company engaging in the maintaining & selling of physical treatment instruments such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) ...

Main Products : Smoke Evacuation Pencils, ESU Electrodes, Laparoscopic instruments, Electrosurgical (ESU) Pencils... More


CHUN TAI Electric with a factory in Shenzhen, China is a professional Taiwan manufacturer in Home Appliances. Our brand name, RJE, is famous in several markets. Our product range covers Immersion Wate ...

Main Products : Immersion Water Heater, Emergency Lights, BBQ Charcoal Lighters... More

Active Sports Co., Ltd   

Active Sports Co., Ltd. is took over from our former company - Horng Meei Spring Enterprise Co., Ltd (established in 1960, manufacturer of veriety unique springs and body building equipments) and esta ...

Main Products : Fitness equipments & Healthy Care... More

Shiang Shin Corporation   

Shiang Shin Corporation was established in 1969. The Medical Supplies Division's main thrust is disposable medical products. Since 1986, two factories have been running to manufacture vinyl, nitrile, ...

Main Products : vinyl / latex examination glove, latex surgical gloves, dental tools, ID bracelets ( Identification Wristband ), sterilization pouch / reel / tape, .... More
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