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Only Industrial Corp.   

We are a manufacturer of Nylon Rollers, Delrin Rollers, and Carbon steel ball bearings, for doors, (folding doors, shower doors), windows, file drawers, furniture, and also for conveyors, and wheel hu ...

Main Products : bearing rollers... More

Lien Jiin Industrial Co.   

We are a nail producer for concealed slide hinge-furniture fittings and drawer inners (slide nail) which are exported to Japan and various countries in Europe and America.

Main Products : furniture, hardware... More

Door & Window Hardware Co.   

Our office was formed by 5 major partners for Door Closers, Stays, Glass Door Systems, Locks & Handles and over 20 subcontractors for manufactureing and trading.

Main Products : electric door release system, security locking system, tempered glass door system, sliding and swing door system... More

A-John Enterprise Co., Ltd.   

A-John Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an exporter and manufacturer in Taiwan. Our main products include: bearings, rollers pulleys and trailer rollers. We have been in this industry for more than 9 years and ...

Main Products : hardware, rollers, bearing... More
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