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Radyne Corporation   

Radyne designs, fabricates, sells, and services Induction and Dielectric Heating Systems, both of which can incorporate various standardized modules or specialized systems that can easily be retrofitt ...

Main Products : Induction heat treating, induction brazing... More

Gansu shengyuan metals and wire co.,ltd.   

We are one of manufacturer in China,can supply Nickel wire(99.5%),nickel chromium wire,welding core wire(AWS Ni-C1,AWS NiFe-C1),stainless steel welding wire(Er 308),nickel powder(99.5%),copper clad st ...

Main Products : ... More

Zhangjiagang Xieda Machinery&Electric Co.,Ltd   

We are a company which specilizes in the design and manufacture all types of wire drawing machine as well as continuous annealing tin-plating machine,and the products manufactured here have been prove ...

Main Products : All kinds of Wire Drawing Machine & Continuous Annealing Machine... More
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