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Infly Group - Fastening System Carbon Steel Nuts, Bolts, Heavy Nut   

Founded in Sept. 1986, Ningbo Beilun Fastener Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.is one of the key private enterprise in Beilun Zone.Our company is specialized in maunfacturing fasteners with all kind of specificat ...

Main Products : DIN/ANSI/ASME/AMST AND SO ON... More

Ningbo Beilun Milfast Metalworks Co.,Ltd   

Ningbo Beilun Milfast Metalworks Co.,Ltd is a professional fasteners company in Beilun district, Ningbo, China.

Main Products : bolts... More

Midas Union Trading Co., Ltd.   

Midas Union Trading Co., Ltd. has had excellent relationships with the Taiwan Fasteners Industry. Since 1987 we always offer our best service to you.

Main Products : carriage bolts, hex head machine bolts, nuts, stamped parts, special fastener per drawings or samples, hex nuts, nylon insert lock nuts, T nuts... More

Coae Bolts Works Co., Ltd.   

Coae Bolts is one maker specialised in fasteners. This company has been established since 1973. It's capacity: 700 M/T monthly. Plant area: 1800 M2.

Main Products : hex bolt, square bolt, carriage bolt, track bolts A 325 structural bolt... More

Wintech Industry International Limited(Fasteners Division)   

Welcome to Wintech Industry International Limited.We are professional industrial fasteners supplier from China Mainland,it has rich experience in fasteners engineering,manufacturing&exporting.we have ...

Main Products : Industrial Fasteners, bolts, nuts... More

Haiyan Guanda Hardware Co., Ltd.   

Haiyan Guangda Hardware Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, covering a land area of 7,600 square meters, with total investment of RMB 16million Yuan. As a manufacturer of fasteners, we design, manufact ...

Main Products : bolt, nuts, screws... More

Shanghai Suyu Railway Fasteners Co.,Ltd   

Shanghai Suyu Railway Fasteners Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of railway fasteners and standard components. We are one of the largest railway fasteners factories in China.During the last year ...

Main Products : ... More

Ningbo Beilun Milfast Metalworks Co.,Ltd   

Ningbo Beilun Milfast Metalworks Co.,Ltd was established in 1978 and had been committed to manufacturing&exporting fasteners since then.The company mainly manufacture fasteners such as threaded rods,b ...

Main Products : fasteners, structural/flange/carriage bolts, washers, nuts... More

Konak Civata   

We have 28 years experience in fastener market. We are manufacturer of all kind of screws and bolts. We can make all kind of special screw or boltsBesides we can supply all kind of fastener. We have 1 ...

Main Products : fasteners, bolts, screws, nuts... More

Changshu Cowin Railway Materials Co Ltd   

We are one of the leading suppliers of railway fastenings in China.Located in the East of China, 1.5 hours from Shanghai City to our office. For most colleagues of our teams, have more than ten years ...

Main Products : rail screw spike, rail elastic clip, rail bolt... More
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