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R.J.Katarmal & Co.   

INTRODUCTORYWe are leading Manufacturer/exporter engaged in Different kinds of Show Buttons of Brass, Acrylic, Nylon, Plastic, Wooden, Coconuts, Burkha etc. used in every Types of Outfits/Garments. We ...

Main Products : Buttons of Brass, Acrylic, Nylon, Plastic, Wooden, Coconuts... More

Jen-Mao Ind. Co., Ltd.   

Jen-Mao Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in 1982. Our major export products are DIE-castings, mold designs, hardware ports & accessories, CAM buckles, and TIE-down equipment.

Main Products : DIE-casting, molds design, hardware ports and accessories, CAM buckles... More


Starling are experienced manufacturer in top quality buckles, buttons, rivets, eyelets and various ironware accessories, we care every step of quality control in production for every order. Our produc ...

Main Products : belt buckles, shoe buckles, rhinestone buckles... More

Kuang Pei Ent.Co.,Ltd   

Kuang Pei Enterprise Co. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and direct exporter all over the world for more than 15 years experience of Textiles and Fabrics which is use for outdoor and indoor f ...

Main Products : PVC Tarpaulin, mesh, Eyelet, button, Rivet, bucckles... More

SYN Yo Jin Co., Ltd.   

Shin Yo Chin industrial Co., Ltd. has been engaging as a hardware manufacturer since 1970. For raising the quality of products and production, we adopt the full automatic manufacturing equipments of t ...

Main Products : Washer, Button Clamp, Button Making, Plate Button, Auto Pad Plate, Lid Making, Snap Ring, Buttonhole, Wood Screw... More
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