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CSE GROUP - CSE. Chiang Sung Enterprise Co., Ltd.   

C.S.E was founded by a group of specialists with many years experience of products developing, designing, producing management and quality control.C.S.E is combined with CSE Taiwan, Thailand and China ...

Main Products : Pneumatic Actuator, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Sight Glass, Union, Ferrules, Clamps... More

Kaitan Hardware Manufacture   

Manufactures Of Worm Gear & special designed Hose Clamps for A Wide Range Of Fastening Applications based on Hong Kong. All Or Parts of our clamps were made by Stainless Steel (AISI304, AISI430) Ni or ...

Main Products : hose clamps... More

Hung An Co.   

HungAn is mainly manufacturing the various kinds of industrial hardware such as Wire products including springs, Stamping parts, Wax investiment parts, Machine parts and Fabricated products.We have ac ...

Main Products : Industrial hardware... More


We mainly supply stainless steel valves, pipe fittings,sanitary union, valve parts (such as valve balls, valve body, valve stems) and so on. The material is in accordance with ASTM A351 CF8, CF8M, CF3 ...

Main Products : valve, valve ball, ball valve, pipe fitting, coupling, casting, cast... More

Zhedong Machine Tools Accessory Co.,Ltd   

Zhedong Machine Tool accessory Co., Ltd is one of the greatest manual chucks manufacturer specializing in producing FUERDA brand series chuck particularly. Production capability can reach 250,000 pcs ...

Main Products : chuck, lathe chuck, scroll chuck, clamps, independent chuck, 3 jaw scroll chuck, 4-jaw self-centering chuck, six jaw self-centering chuck... More

Comit Co.,Ltd.   

we are leading manufacturer of cable fastener in China.

Main Products : cable tie... More

Aseptek Pharmacutical Pipeline Components   

Aseptek Ltd. are part of the Flotek Group, which provides high quality pipeline & custom fabricated components to the pharmaceutical industry. We stock & distribute, Gemu Sanitary Diaphragm valves, AR ...

Main Products : pharmaceutical pipeline components, valves, clamp fittings... More

XH electronic Co. Ltd   

We are the leading manufacture of ferrofluid rotary feedthrough,vacuum components(CF,KF,ISO series) and semi-conductor devices which of UHV chamber for sputtering , coating, e-beam evaporation and etc ...

Main Products : ferrofluid feedthrough, vacuum flanges, valves, turbo pumps etc... More

Hangzhou Wolftool Co., Ltd.   

WOLFTOOL is a complete line of welding accessories and consumables for the DIY selfer or professional welder:1. Welding helmets and welding lenses: including Auto-darkening helmets, auto-darkening l ...

Main Products : welding accessories welding helmet tig mig welding electrade holder... More

KORMAK International Inc.   

Custom Made Sewing Machine Parts and Attachments

Main Products : ... More
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