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Aluminium clamps

Aluminium clamps - Hose clamps

Safety hose clamps to DIN 2817Material:Aluminium,Stainless steelNormal size:13*5 19*6 25*6 25*8 32*6 32*8 38*6.5 38*8 38*10 40*7 40*10 45*7 50*6 50*8 50*10 63*8 63*10

Haoda Industrial Company Promote Demote
Main Products: Cam & grooved coupling, TW coupling(DIN 28450, DIN 2817), storz... More
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fork-arms - 20100803

ISO,I.T.A,FEM standard forks!!spec!!fea!!tab

Hangzhou Vanguard Machinery Co.,ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: Forklift parts, forklift accessories, forklift forks... More
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auto-darkening welding helmet

auto-darkening welding helmet - welding

WOLFTOOL is a complete line of welding accessories and consumables for the DIY selfer or professional welder:Welding helmets and welding lenses: including Auto-darkening helmets, auto-darkening lens ...

Hangzhou Wolftool Co., Ltd. Promote Demote
Main Products: welding accessories welding helmet tig mig welding electrade holder... More
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railway fasteners

railway fasteners - 005

we can supply as follows:rail clip, tension clamp,screw spike,dog spike,rail bolt,nuts and spring washers,rail plate,fish plate,rail clamp,rail pad,plastic dowel,rail shoulder,gugage rod,rail anchor a ...

suzhou suyu railway fasteners co.,ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: fasteners... More
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hose clamp

hose clamp - hose clamp

stainless steel hose clamp, inox abrazadera

Cheng Heng Industrial Co., Ltd. Promote Demote
Main Products: hose clamp, stainless steel cable tie, cv boot clamp, , hose clip... More
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Pump Parts

Pump Parts - Machinery Parts

we are a direct manufacturer of mud pumps and we made all the spare parts that compose our triplex mud pump. please feel free to contact me for more information. Email: mudpump@163.com

Shandong Rongli Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: triplex mud pump, drilling pump, solid control system... More
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Precision Parts

Precision Parts - P001

We have 4 sets of CNC machining centers (including two sets of SWIZERLAND MIKRON 610 and two sets of TAIWAN OMA 850), 12 sets of milling machines, 4 sets of lathes, 3 sets of grinding machines and 2 s ...

Shenzhen ZhongJi Automation Co., Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: precision parts, precision machining... More
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Mini hose clamp

Mini hose clamp - 2004

Mini hose clamp

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Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamp

Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamp - GH-204-G / GH-204-GL

Heavy Duty.Can be Mounted to any Fixture Using the 4 Holes Bolt Pattern or to Any T-Slot Table with 1/2 T-Slot Bolt.Supplied with bushings & hardened ground pivots.

Good Hand Enterprise Co., Ltd. Promote Demote
Main Products: Vertical Handle Toggle Clamps, Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamps, Push/Pull Toggle Clamps, Latch Type Toggle Clamps, Toggle Pliers... More
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coupling or cardan shaft

coupling or cardan shaft - coupling

We are a Chinese manufacturer specialized in wood chipper(chipper shredder), gearbox, and couplings(carden shaft). We have been in this field for more than 10 years. CE and ISO standard could promise ...

China Zonerun Shaft Manufacturing Co., Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: wood chipper... More
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