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Dear Sir,We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers and Exporters of Antique (millions of years old) CRYSTAL SALT LAMPS, known for their unique ability to ionize the air, which is also cal ...

Main Products : Himalayan Rock salt Lamp Crystal Salt Lamp... More


We are manufacture and exporter in China, and mainly produce kinds of candles, such as glass candles, ceramic candle pots, pillar candles, and vases, and candle holders and so on.

Main Products : candles... More


We are leading Manufacturer and Exporters of Genuine Onyx / Marble Human & Pet Cremation URN, ASh URN, Funeral URN, Pet URN, Memorial Vases, Memorial Candle holder, Memorial Nameplate and Markers in P ...

Main Products : Cremation URN, Pet URN, Memorial Vases... More

La Guardia Enterprise Co., Ltd.   

La Guardia was established in 1978. It's owned by Paul Chang. With as taff of is working together, this trading company in Taiwan, specializes in exporting various kinds of photo frames and home decor ...

Main Products : photo frames... More

Lofty Hero Corp., Ltd.   

Established in 1982, our salesmen - designers are well-trained, highly professional and specialized in their fields, we have over 18 years of experience in doing business with our overseas clients. Ou ...

Main Products : kitchenware candle light holder decoration ornament... More

Xiamen Starlight IMP. & EXP. Co., Ltd   

Established in 1992, our product includes flower pot, vase, candle holder, and other home & garden ornaments, which are made in ceramic, stoneware, dolomite and porcelain. As a professional manufactur ...

Main Products : ceramic flower pots... More

Shenzhen Mentres Industrial Co., Ltd   

Established in 2002, Shenzhen Mentres Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in developing ,producing and selling indoor and outdoor fountains, pumps,home and garden lightings. Ourproducts mainly export to ...

Main Products : ... More

Grand Royal Enterprise Inc.   

Our company was established in 1982. Our main products are ceramic ware and all kinds of candle holders. We welcome customer's design. We always provide good quality products to our customers along wi ...

Main Products : Candle Holder... More
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