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UNIMAX GROUP Engineering & Development Corporation.   

Labeling-Assembly-Packaging MachineryTissue Paper Products MachineryUNIMAX GROUP is a unique union group of machinery manufacturing company in Taiwan. The company well-experienced engineering teams ha ...

Main Products : UNIMAX GROUP plastic & packaging machinery department offer a wide range of plastic processing, labeling, assembly... More


Main Products : ... More


Main Products : ... More

Shanghai Printing & Packing Machinery Corp.   

Shanghai Printing & Packing Machine Corp. is one of the largest enterprises in China, specializing in developing, manufacturing and selling different kinds of processing equipment, offset presses, let ...

Main Products : printing and packing machinery... More

Tantraco Enterprise Pte Ltd.   

Tantraco Enterprise Pte Ltd. is a company in Singapore. Our major products are all kinds of parking machinery.

Main Products : parking machinery & electronic insect killers... More

Interlabels Industries ( P ) Ltd.   

Interlabels Industries (P) Ltd. was established in 1981. Our major export products are self-adhesive labels/stickers.

Main Products : self adhesive labels / stickers... More

Anker Mschinebau GmbH & Co.   

Anker Mschinebau, founded in 1896, is one of the most important specialized manufacturers of labeling machines. We are not only serving the food and beverage industry but also the chemical, pharmaceut ...

Main Products : toy, tableware, alarm system, kitchenware, etc... More
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