USB phone used for internet and computer

USB phone used for internet and computer

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USB phone,Skype phone

Product ID: USB-110

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Easy to operate ,simple structure and handsome surface.
Call up to any country and any place all over the world total-of-free.
1.PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone operation;
2.Driver built-in, plug and play;
3.USB1.1 compatible;
4.No need sound card;
5.No external power required;
6.Complies with H.323, MGCP, SIP protocol;
7.Echo cancellation, noise reduction;
8.Application support: Skype, Netmeeting /Messenger, Sjphone, Mediaring, Net2phone, Dialpad, Etalk, X-PRO, X-PRO Vonage, Firefly, Eyebeam and so on;
9.Full duplex communication;
10.Support Skype speed-dialing function;
11.Key-in tone function.
Pick up handset / Call Back (YES) Hang up/ Exit (NO Redial Clear LEFT
Power light Numeric Key Set speed-dial number Make a call Personalized Ring setting
Ring volume seting:
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