Metal Dancing Platform with Handle

Product ID: TX2000

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PS/PS2 Control Box is included in the package.If you want to play it on XBox, you need to purchase our XBox Metal DDR Control Box (TXBOX).
Dimensions: 33.0 inches x 37 inches 1.5 inches. Preassembled by 9-pieces of all metal bricks, arrows are made of hard acrylic plastic ,all sides and middle are reinforced with chrome metal plates and brackets.
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    • ● Compatible with PS/PS2,XBOX
  • ● Metal Dancing Platform with Handle can handle players weight up to 300lbs
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      • ● Touch Sensitive Technology, excellent response from buttons
    • ● No noise when jumping on arrows.
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        • ● You can wear shoes to play on.
      • ● It feels like dancing on the real Arcade Center!
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          • ● Metal Dancing Platform with Handle will work on both carpet and hard floor.
        • ● The entire platform frame with weight about 38 lbs is metal, and will never break!

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