sim card backup device

Product ID: HTW-02

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Sim Card Backup device can very conveniently copy mobile phone directory records from a Sim Card, and also can easily transfer data stored in Sim card backup to a new sim card. It is a useful and potential and a good promotional product, please visit our website ( for the product picture of sim card backup.

Features & Functions:
1.Simply operation
2.Volume: 8KB(250 telephone directory records)
3.Keep and save your important phone data when your mobile phone lost
4.Operated independent of PC or PDA
5.Your phone directory information stored in SIM CARD BACKUP still exist, when battery exhausted
6.Copy phone data from SIM CARD BACKUP to any SIM card if user is using different SIM card in different city or country
  • sim card backup device
    • HTW ELECTRONICS Co., LTD can supply SIM card backup device Model HTW-21 is a novel second generation product which can store 1000 records, it is compatible with GSM & CDMA. And it can very conveniently backup telephone directory information of all kinds of SIM card to the device. It can also easily copy telephone directory information saved in the device to SIM card.

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