SEMA-100 Machinery Analyzer

Product ID: SEMA-100

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PC-based Machinery Analyzer for vibration analysis, bearing conditon testing and balancing.
  • PC-based
    • Based on the latest PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK portable ruggedized computer with touchscreen.
  • High performance measurements
    • 0-20 kHz bandwidth, superhigh frequency reolution, multiple marker choices, 10 amplitude units, rpm-tracking, bearing fault frequency markers.
  • Balancing program
    • Up to 12 plane balancing, user selectable balancing units, Highly graphical user interface with true vectorscope display.
  • Sensor types
    • Accepts accelerometers, velocity sensors, lasers, eddy current sensors, etc.
  • Bearing Condition Estimation
    • State-of-the-art envelope-analyzer with built-in bearing database ensures quick and easy bearing conditon estimation.
  • FFT- Analyzer
    • High performance FFT-analyzer 0-20 kHz with multiple units, scalings, markers, and various sophisticated tools for the maintenance professional.
  • Envelope - Analyzer
    • Easy to use envelope - analyzer with built-in bearing database. Quick and easy bearing condition estimation
  • Balancing Instrument
    • High performance built-in balancing program for up to 12 balancing planes and various vibration sensor alternatives such as accelerometers, lasers, eddy currrent sensors, etc.
  • Automatic Report Generator
    • Easy-to-use built-in Report Generator creates good looking analysis and balancing reports
  • Graphical User Interface
    • The graphical user interface together with the higly readable touchscreen makes i fun and easy to operate the system.

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