4-port USB 2.0 External Slim Hub

Product ID: CUH-420S

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C.H.P. Technology Co., Ltd. is glad to introduce our new 4-port USB 2.0 External Slim Hub (Model # : CUH-420S). CUH-420S is suitable for both N/B and Desk computer users because the following reasons :

1. Its size is smaller than the name card.
2. USB connector can be rotated or pull out from the Hub body to save the space and it is easy to packet it, and suitable using for N/B users.
3. Provides one USB extension cable and suitable for both N/B and Desk computer users.

It's supporting both Bus-power (4 downstream ports up to total 300 mA) and Self-power modes (4 downstream ports up to 500 mA per port), and automatic switching between Self-power and Bus-power modes. Also, it is enclosed with a very small and slight Switching Power Adapter for supporting its Self-power mode. So, the mobile users are easy to hand carry CUH-420S to anywhere.

If you are interested in CUH-420S, please send us an inquiry and let us know your demand quantity soon. Please review its detailed Features / Specifications and ask us for a quotation soon. Thanks a lot.
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