Laser / PDA Ballpoint pen with exclusive design

Product ID: BT20043

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A designed and exclusive ballpoint pen with built in laser pointer and a PDA tip, and of course with a solid rubber grip for best performance and style. Everything in a slim nice design. Perfect for everyone with PDA computers/phones.
  • Battery driven
    • 3 batteries to operate the laser. 6 batteries is included in the gift box. Batteries can be bought separatly when buying the pen.
  • Laser
    • Laser pointer with a 200 meters range.
  • PDA-tip
    • Controll you PDA with this pen instead of the small one that is included when you bought the PDA.
  • Ball point pen
    • The ball point can be in black or blue inc.
  • Rubber grip
    • Ergonomic rubber grip for best performance and grip.

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