Product ID: Z3K-1000

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Advanced Digital Key System Based Upon DSP Technology
  • Digital Key System Unit^$Standard Package: 4 COs & 12 extensions
  • Expansion Card: 2 COs & 8 extensions
  • 2 Expansion Cards maximum
  • Analog Adaptor for Fax/Analog Phone
  • USB Adaptor for PC interface^#Power^$Power Supply included: 30VDC, 2A
  • Support for battery backup^#Interface^$POTS 2-wire interface to PSTN
  • 2-wire interface for digital lines^#
  • Features
    KSU System^$Advanced Auto Attendant, CID, Call Progress and Line Status ^#Telephone System^$Graphic LCM with backlight. Programmable extension number. Full keypad support.^#Telephone Features^$DTAD on deluxe model. Call forwarding, transfer, 5-way conference calling, page, SMS^#Easy Installation^$No punch block required^#

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