3D vibration Woofer

Product ID: x-woofer

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=====================3D VIBRATION WOOFER=============================
X-woofer can be connected to various sound appliances-- PCs, DVDs, CD players
and MP3 players-- to feel live vibration when enjoying games, listening to
music and watching films.

You can wear our X-woofer on your shoulders. It is easy to carry and you don't
need to install any rear speakers to enjoy 3D sounds.
One of the most important functions of U-phone is to feel live music
through light and strong vibrations. This is something that no one has
experienced before in listening to music, watching films and playing online

You can really feel each explosion on the base of your neck and shoulders while playing FPS type games.

Game Speaker & Woofer
- Shockwave add the reality of Game
- More effective for Shooting Fighting Games
- PC, Play Station 2, X-Box, Game Cube etc..
- easy install for 4 channel game speaker & 1 channel Woofer
4.1 Channel PC Speaker & Woofer
- Easy install for 4.1 channel speaker and woofer
- More effective for listening a beat music
(Rock & Disco etc.. )
Home Theater & TV
- Easy install for 4.1 channel speaker and woofer for TV
- More effective for watching an action & horror movies.

● Vibration
A generator (international patent under the PCT) causing the vibration by speaker of vibration is built in the system.
● Back speaker of high performance is mounted
Provides back sound of high quality and 3D sound along with front speaker.
  • CE
  • UL
  • FCC