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Product ID: MVPS-03

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WSUN Technologies now offers Virtual Private Servers also known as VPS hosting. VPS enables you or your company to create an unlimited amount of web hosting accounts within your allocated server. The advantage of utilizing VPS technology allows you complete control over your server while saving on the costs of owning and running a dedicated server. The only difference between our Managed and Self Managed Virtual Private Servers is that the Managed Managed Virtual Private Servers are supported by our technical support team and the Self Managed Virtual Private Servers are not. Some individuals prefer Managed, while other prefer Self Managed. It's all about preference. Obviously our Self Managed Virtual Private Servers are at a lower cost, saving you money on support you will never need if you are familiar with basic hosting account functions similar to Web Host Manager (WHM). If you have never hosted anyone before then the Managed Virtual Private Servers are the way to go. General account setup is fairly simply, however there may be times you may need our help or need to ask or technical support team a question or two. Both Managed and Self Managed Virtual Private Servers are automatically updated and backup by our Network Operations Administrator Daily, so you should never be in doubt about the reliability and security of your Virtual Private Server one bit!
  • Disk Space
    • 10,000 MB
  • Bandwidth
    • 100,000 MB
  • Add-on Domains
    • Unlimited
  • Parked Domains
    • Unlimited
  • Normal Retail Value
    • $154.95/mo Buy Now and Save 50% OFF!!
  • Managed VPS Features
    • 100% Scalable VPS Servers
  • 99.5% Service Level Agreement
  • Automatic patches & security updates
  • Automatic daily data backup
  • Network intrusion detection
  • Remote server management
  • 24/7/365 on-site technicians
  • 24/7/365 Tech Network Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Tech Backbone Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Client Server Monitoring
  • * OC-48 Fiber Optic Server Connections
  • * Dual Intel Pentium 4 2.80GHz Server
  • * Over 2 Gigabytes of Server Memory
  • WSUN Tech VPS Root Control Panel
  • Create Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  • Create Unlimited Email Accounts
  • List all cPanel Accounts
  • Modify cPanel Account Passwords
  • Suspend cPanel Accounts
  • Un-suspend cPanel Accounts
  • Terminate cPanel Accounts
  • Upgrade cPanel Accounts
  • Downgrade cPanel Accounts
  • Add Unlimited cPanel Packages
  • Delete cPanel Packages
  • Edit cPanel Packages
  • Domain Whois Lookup Tool
  • Park Domains within cPanel
    • Managed VPS Support
      • 10 Support Requests Per Month
    • ($1.00 Each Additional over 10)
      • Server Address
        • Virtually Anonymous Server Address
      • (
        • Domain Name Servers
          • Virtually Anonymous Name Servers
        • ( &

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