Mighty Works Ⅴ - 1:18 Monster Ttruck

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1. Mighty Works series is different from ordinary R/C cars, for it's a digital proportional model car that all the car can be fully upgraded and every part of the car can be replaced easily.
2. It's used digital steering to controll the speed and the direction without any ranks. Not only the speed of the car while moving forward of backward, turning left or right is completely controlled by the players, but also the angle of the turning is under control...
3. It's really cool, just as you're driving a real car, using accelerograph and steering wheel!
4. The chassis of Mighty Works 2 is at a scale of 1:28 while all the functions are the same as the real car.
The front wheels and the trailing wheels are independent, linking by a connecting part. Therefore, he distance between the wheels can be adjusted by adjusting the connecting part to suit different kinds of car shells.
5. All the material and fittings of this item are in compliant with environmental protection standards of Europe and America. Also, this item is R&TTE 、EMC 、EN50088、EN71 & FCC approval.

Packing Info :
Carton size: 69*33.5*55
Qty/Ctn : 6
CBM/CTN : 0.1271
Qty of 1x20FT : 1320
Qty of 1x40FT : 2736
Same as above^$^#

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