IV cannula

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Meets the EN-ISO 10555-1 and EN-ISO 20594-1 standards.
. Matereial: polyurethane (PUR) or tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE = Teflon)
. Cannula with fine and tapered walls, perfectly adjusted to the needle
. Distal End: straght and tapering
. Proximal end = base fitted with
- Luer lock connector for the connection to injection of infusion system
- 2 grapping wings (butterfly)
- Standardized colour code depending on the catheter diameter
. Fitted with a lateral injection port:
- silicone anti-reflux valve
- cap with colur code
- chimney of Luer type

. Material: stainless steel
. Triple-bevelled to make the penetration into the skin easier and to reduce the trauma to the veins
. Transparent female luer base to watch for the reflux of blood when the vein is punctured

.Male Luer connection
. Fitted with an hydrophobic membrane with micro-perforations to let the air flow while stopping blood Unit presentation, sterile, for single use.
Sterile unit packaging: peel-off sachet.

Folow the rules of asepsis.
All the components are for single use only.
A catheter should not be left in situ for more than 72 hours.
It should immediately be removed in case of infection sign.
The injection through the injection port systematically involves contamination of the syringe by the patient's blood. It is mandatory to change the syringe between each patient. When used without infusion, use the stopper of the trocar to close the proximal end of the catheter.
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