12volt emergency impact wrench

Product ID: 12volt impact wrench

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Get back on the road in minutes by 12V Impact Wrench,NOT HOURS. Delivers up to 340N.M. of torque to power off lug nuts.
*2M. cord with cigarette lighter plug
* Reversible--removes and installs lug nuts
* Comes with 11/16'', 3/4'', 13/16'', 7/8'' chrome steel sockets 1/2'' square drive; 30-40 blows per minute
*Change your tire easily by this Great Wrench by yourself!

Technical Date:
1.Max torque: 340N.M
2.Imput Voltage: DC 12V
3.Rated Current:10A
4.Rated Power:100W
7.Size of product: 30.5X14X9 cm
8.ize of box:36X22X10cm