Product ID: GPS tracking system

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Dual data communication capability through GPRS and SMS
Real-time GPS tracking and vehicle status monitoring
Ability to report to up to 2 internet servers by using TCP or UDP protocols
Up to 4 SMS numbers for emergency report or remote setup
Remote/direct setup of Geofence parameters
Selectable reporting method. by time, distance and intelligent
Selectable event trigger report: speeding, course changing, temperature, low battery level, door trigger, ACC trigger, additional sensor trigger
Keep alive function to ensure the unit is in connection with GPRS network
Flash memory for recording report up to 900 reports
GPS data out port can be used to output GPS data directly onto navigation panel, PDA or PC
PC setup port can be used to setup all functions and read out history report through PC setup software
Built-in rechargeable battery enables unit to send power cut report when external power is removed
Built-in start killer relay can stop the vehicle by sending anti-carjacking command through server or SMS
Built-in door lock, unlock and parking light relay