Model M-8 mosquito trap

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The mosquito control solution without chemicals or attractants.

Multi-functioning product which lures flying insects and lighting effects.

The M8 trap uses a combination of light and CO2 to attract flying insects. Fluorescent lamp produce the warm light and the coated titanium dioxide inner cylinder produces the CO2 that mosquitoes find irresistible. Once pests reach the trap, a powerful fan draws them into collection chamber.
No expensive attractant refill or propane necessary.
Easy to install, no assembly required.

Upward inhalation and sideward capture system when insect nearby it.

It is a multi-functional flying insects trap that have a function of lighting.
M-8 is most effective when used outdoors. effectively capture flying insects such as mosquito, flies, and moth.
It is ideal for apartments, general homes, houses, gardens, farms, factories, swimming pools, restaurants, animal hospitals, beauty shops, dormitories, cattle sheds.
Mosquito trap once caught more than 20,000 mosquitoes overnight at cattle shed, but actual performance may vary depending on surroundings.
  • Size
    • 323mm × 323mm ×221mm
  • Packing Size
    • 340mm × 340mm × 247mm/1pc
  • Weight
    • 1.80kg
  • Packing Weight
    • 2.20kg

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