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Vises-Vises in different models.
Clamps- Malleable and Drop Forged
  • Steel Vises^$Steel Vises are available in Carbon Steel With High Speed Material Jaws.
  • Size. 3"-3.1/2"-4"-4.1/2"-5"-6" ^#C-Clamps^$C-Clamps avialable in Malleable Steel and Drop Forged Steel.
  • Size. 1"=2"=3"=4"=6"=8"-10"-12"-15"-18"-24"-36".^#Drill Press Vice^$Avialable in Four Models- Light,Medium,Heavy,Extra Heavy.
  • Size.3"-4"-6"^#
  • Features
  • Steel Vice^$Steel Vice is used for Industrial Purposes.
  • To hold some articles to do labour job while holding the articles.^#C-Clamps^$It is to hold small articles, usually used by Carpenters and Engineers to do the job work.^#Drill Press Vice^$Used for Industrial Purposes.^#
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