1-DIN IN-Car Automobile Computer & Media Play

Product ID: TC1000

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1-Din Size, Used Both On-vehicle and Indoors
Slot-in DVD Rom
Instant Boot-up Media Player: DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 (Play Media Without Booting up Operation System)
USB Extension:
Wireless Internet Access (Adapted with a USB GPRS Wireless Modem)
DVB-T Player (Adapted with a USB Stick and a Special Software)
GPS (Adapted with a USB antenna and a Special Software)
Bluetooth Data Communication:
Wireless Internet Access
Intelligent Power Control
Wide Voltage Range from 6V to 24V
Automatic delay shutdown
4 USB Ports Available (2 on the Front Panel, 2 on the Rear Panel)
Two Channel Audio Output (On Both Front and Rear Panel)
Microphone Input
Remote Controller
Low Power Consumption
Antivibration Design
Anti Noise Design
Special Heat-elimination Design

Product Feature
Model: MPTC1000
CPU: 1GInternal L1 128KB and L2 64KB cache memory
Memory: DDR266 256M (up to 1 GB optional)
Hard Disk: 30 G, 4200 r/min; (40G; 60G; 80G optional)
DVD Rom: DVD Rom (CDRW & DVD COMBO Optional)
Power Supply: DC 6 V -- 24 V
Current Consumption: 2. 2 A --3. 0 A
Power Consumption: < 42W
Dimension: 195 mm x 177 mm x 54 mm
Weight: 1. 55 kg
CHIPSET: VIA CLE266 North BridgeVT8235 South Bridge
CACHE: Internal L1 128KB and L2 64KB cache memory
Graphics: Integrated VIA UniChrome AGP graphics
Audio: VT1612A, two-channel

VGA extension wire 1 piece
USB extension wire 1 piece
Audio output wire 1 piece
Five-core automobile power connection cable 1 piece
4A power adapter 1 piece
Panel plastic frame 1 piece
Carrer fixing frame 1 piece

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