Smartech Paintball guns

Product ID: A001

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1) Action: powered by either CO2 or N2
2) 0.68 caliber paint balls (not included)
3) Barrel: interchangeable 8/10/12" spiral ported and threaded aluminum barrel
4) Models: semi, 3-burst, and fully auto firing
5) Air system adapter: DSR low pressure regulator
6) Grip frame: aluminum alloy die-casting, powered by one rechargeable 9V battery
(not included)
7) Trigger speed: adjustable shooting velocity with 15 shots/s
8) Processing: vertical feed, closed receiver with CNC processing
9) Construction: corrosion-resistant aerospace grade aluminum, with wear-resistant
Telfon finish on all internal parts, and dual-colors fade anodizing surface treatment
10) Length: 460mm
11) Weight: 1.3kg
paintball guns/markers^$^#
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