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Model HRH-2100 (order code HLJ2100) is an advanced hand-held hardness tester distinguished by its high accuracy, wide measuring range, and simplicity of operation. It is suitable for testing hardness on various conditions and environments.
It is rebound principle unaffected by gravity (automatic correction) based on a spring loaded impact body which is propelled against a test piece. The forward velocity is measured and compared to the reverse velocity after rebound.

Technical Specifications
- Accuracy:+/-0.8%
- Self diagnosis and bias correction
- RS232 to computer for data management
- Direct reading in units: HRC (17.0-68.0), HRB
(13.5-100), HB (30-680), HV (80-999), HS
(5.0-99.9), HL (180-960), σ (370-2600 MPa)
- Auto memory of 511 groups of data with 7 test
points per each group
- Large dot matrix LCD display with backlight
- Test block with factory certificate traceable to
national standard
- Power: two of 1.5V cells, for 30h non-stop work
- Operating temperature 0-40 deg. C
- Standard internal probe D for general purpose
- Optional external probes, simple plug-in use, for
different surface profiles: G for coarse surface
like casting or forged piece, C for light, thin
piece or hardened layer, DL & DL+15 for groove
or tooth face, DC for confined place
- Weight: 250 g (1.2 lb.); Sizes: 165x68x30mm
- Carry case aluminum surface 325x240x115 mm
-Export worthy carton package 365x290x145mm
- Supporting rack optional
- Shipping weight of standard kit about 5.2 kg
  • Applications^$Widely used in mechanical, metallurgy, automobile, petrochemical, airplane & space, energy, and pressure vessel industries etc. Testing for machines, structures, and materials in production lines for quality checking, on spots for difficult to be moved or difficult to be accessed, and in confined position even upside down, such as
  • - Fabricated component of a machine
  • - Mould surface of a die
  • - Pressure vessel or turbo generator set analysis
  • - Crank-shafts, cylinder blocks etc.
  • - Material identification etc.^#
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