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My factory specialized in making high technical heat resistant glass teapot. Quality demands the very best. Understanding that Quality is Priceless. At the same time, we specialize in tailor made products, so please do not hesitate to forward your requirement about any new model. We assure you What will you get from us could not from others.
We have Highly Skilled Glass Artisans in our factory with a wide range of expert skills in glass blowing. Our Glass Blowers are the reason for our Success.
  • glass tea pot^$this is houseware in family.
  • They are hand blown and heat resistant.^#glass cups^$we can made the monolayer cups, and can made the double-layers cups.
  • All of them can be heat resistant.^#glass candle holder^$and we can made all kinds of glass candle holder. ^#glass dinnerware^$include: glass bowl, double-layers bowl,glass dishes,trays^#glass gift^$and other ornamental article^#
  • Features
    hand blown^$^#heat resistant^$^#thickness 1.5-2.5mm^$^#shockproof^$^#

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    glassware,glass tea pot, glass cup,glass mugs,glass candle holder