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We sell all kinds of game machine parts, including speaker, coin tray, coin selector, push buttons, joystick, decorative trim, lock...etc.
  • CPU Coin selector^$The coin selector can be applied to arcade game machines, jukebox, crane machine, self-service loundry...etc. It selects coins by material, diameter and thickness. ^#Push buttons^$We provide push buttons with lamps and without lamps. Buttons are in different shapes, sizes and colors.^#Decorative trim^$The decorative trims can be applied to arcade game wooden casing edging strips to make the machines more appealing to the players. We have the decorative trims in many colors, styles and sizes, please contact us for more details. ^#Speaker^$1. Specifications: 4 inches.
  • 2. Resistor: 8Ω.
  • 3. Electric power: 5W.
  • ^#lock^$We have different locks, such as cam lock, Big B lock, padlock...etc to secure your earnings in the machine.^#
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    Made in Taiwan^$High quality products from Taiwan.^#To serve your needs at one time^$The diversity of our products serve all your needs at one time.^#

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