Tower Shape Grain Dryer

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Characteristics: this product is used for drying corn, sorghum, wheat, barley, soybean, rice, etc. Denmark technology is adopted for manufacturing this automatic dryer.
1.This dryer is building-block system, users can increase or decrease the system freely according to their request about moisture and capacity.
2.drying, recovering and cooling steps are all available in this dryer.  
3.the drying process is even because of its cone-shape air flue system.
4. the drying system works under negative pressure, easily to control the temperature and the quantity of the grains. adopts automatic discharge mechanism, so to control the working capacity and moisture reduction range is easy.
6. As compared with other dryer, its working capacity is big, the scope of moisture reduction per time is big. It does not need much land nad the civil engineering is small, etc.
This equipment is made up of bucket elevator, dryer and heat source (oil-burning or heat-wind oven)
Energy consumption: oil heater<12Kw electricity ;
oil consumption:15kg/h
Coal heater
  • tower shape grain dryer 1
    • coal consumption:20kg/h

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